Mexican Meatloaf for a busy Monday – Plan ahead to SAVE TIME!

​Good morning and happy monday. Things have been very crazy around here lately with sports, work and an upcoming graduation. A rainy sunday yesterday led to cancelled games and allowed me to get some meal preparation done for the week.

I have seen many variations of mexican meatloaf on various websites and decided to experiment with a version that my family would like.

Having dinner done before the day starts takes a lot of pressure off the 5-8pm time frame in our house and allows the boys to re-heat, eat and run back out the door.


(you can pick and choose the type of ground meat that fits your needs and taste)


1 pound lean ground beef and 1 pound ground chicken

1/2 cup salsa (additional needed if you want to serve with salsa)

2 tbl taco seasoning (adjust to how spicy your family likes things), 1 tsp cumin

1 egg (whisk prior to adding to mixture)

1/2 cup shredded lite mexican cheese (additional cheese needed if you want to melt on top of loaf)

3/4-1 cup crushed tortilla chips

Additional add-ins depending on what you like in meatloaf - chopped onion/green pepper, cilantro, mexican corn, black beans)