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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
adopted the FOREVER lifestyle!

"Noreen was incredibly helpful in identify my changing nutritional needs and then how to meet those needs within the challenge cooking for my family. She was also a wonderful resource to my daughter who was struggling to meet her nutritional needs as a young athlete. Without even realizing it, Noreen has impacted our whole family!"

"I will always be grateful to Noreen for the effect she has had on the quality of my life. I honestly don't think anyone else would have been able to educate and motivate me as she did. Thanks to her, I lost 25 pounds without stressing out about it. More importantly, the lifestyle changes she helped me make will be with me for the rest of my life. If you have the chance to work with her, do it. She knows what she's doing and is an outstanding motivator."

"I’ve managed to make excellent progress on my weight. I’ve lost 26lbs (my target amount) and have improved my fitness considerably. Basically I’m back to the race fitness I was at when I first moved to the USA! I reached the semi-finals of a national championship 800m race and also came second in a 400m race..."


"Liver problems had prompted my visit with you (fatty liver). Within 4 months of starting on your suggested regime my numbers were absolutely stellar and my Doctor was very impressed with my progress."

"In conclusion I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help back in March with my nutrition – I feel so much better both physically and mentally and I did not have to make drastic changes to achieve it."

"Hit my goal today Noreen, weighed 174.6 pounds this morning.  When I entered the number into the program,  it congratulated me and said that I lost 23 pounds in 5 months and 21 days, about 1 pound per week."


"Thanks again for your wise advice over the past 5 months. The software, recipes and your encouragement obviously worked for me. The big motivator for me now is how much improved my tennis game is.  I'm winning and playing more. I can play at night in a league match and be on the court at 6 a.m. for singles because my body isn't taking the beating it used to when heavier."

I was looking over the things that you left yesterday and I just wanted to thank you again. I really love your approach of making the stuff you love to eat but tweaking it to be healthy. You also give recipes that fit into the crazy thing called family life. I really appreciate it!  Thank you!

"As a busy student-athlete, Noreen Gallo worked extensively with me to design a nutrition plan that fit my needs without being too difficult to manage. She understood my goals perfectly and knew exactly how to achieve my desired results. Noreen proposed meal options, simple ingredient substitutes and new dietary methods that prove her expertise in the field and tremendous ability to personalize my program. After working with Noreen I adopted a healthier lifestyle that keeps me energized both physically and mentally!"

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