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Staying Hydrated While Working From Home

Good morning Forever Team! I just finished up with some tele-health consults and one common work from home struggle seems to be drinking water! Although it seems so easy, heck, the fridge and faucet are a couple steps away, I find myself drinking WAY less water over the last couple of weeks. Normally I fill up a refillable water bottle in the morning and toss it in the car, I also keep a case of seltzer in the trunk of my car to grab in between clients. Well, since I am no longer in the car, these habits need to be replaced with a few new ones.

Did you know, if you wait until you are thirsty, you are already starting to become dehydrated? In reality, the first indications of dehydration are hunger (cue the mindless snacking later in the day) and low energy.


1) Commit to drinking a glass of water while you wait for your coffee to brew in the morning

2) Fill up a jug of water and put it on the kitchen counter as a reminder to fill up your glass. Set some goals to how many times it needs to be fill up during the day.

3) Fill up a water bottle for your children, just like you would if they were at school. Some of the constant whining about being hungry may actually be related to mild dehydration .

4) Bored with plain water? Jazz it up with sliced cucumbers, berries or a spritz of lemon or 100% juice.

5) Still bored? Try flavored seltzer water. Tons of different flavors and the bubbles break up the plain water boredom.

5) Hydration is not limited to liquids. Include lots of food in your day that have a high water content. Cucumbers, watermelon, oranges, leafy greens, tomatoes, soup, smoothies and milk.

Consistency is key, don't let dehydration sneak up on you.

Hope this helps!

Stay Healthy - We are all in this together


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