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National Nutrition Month: Go Further With Food

National Nutrition Month is upon us!

As a Registered Dietitian, I am excited to have a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate healthy living. As you all know, I do not take a traditional "diet" approach to health and wellness. Rather, I place the focus on all the wonderfully delicious foods that we can ADD to our day rather than focussing on the denial and sacrifice of foods we deem as "bad."

That being said, it is important to hit a balance in our lives and that is why I really like the theme of Nutrition Month this year:

Go Further With Food.

My Interpretation of this:

The foods we choose to eat on a regular basis help fuel our body and mind to go further in whatever we are attempting to do. This may be sports, having more energy at work, keeping up with our kids or just simply feeling better as we go through our day. Yes, food is a powerful tool that we all too often push to the back burner.


All month long on my FaceBook Page, Your Forever Nutrition Counseling, I will be sharing daily health and wellness tips that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Since many of you are not on Facebook, I will be condensing the tips and posting them weekly on the blog. Just think, by the end of the month we will have 31 tried and true healthy habits to carry us FURTHER wth our health.

I a looking forward to being more active on the blog going further. There have been some exciting changes at Your Forever Nutrition Counseling that have taken up some of my writing time and I am excited to be back!

Happy Nutrition Month Team


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