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FUN FINDS at the Grocery Store

It sure is COLD here in New Hampshire! I had to break out the hand warmers for my early morning run today! It was even too cold to bring along Daisy the Running Boxer! Clearly she is unhappy with me!!​​

Anyone who knows me, understands that I do not promote the restriction and deprivation that surround diets. I am passionate about helping people find a healthy balance in their lives while avoiding the good food/bad food mentality. That being said, the first step starts at the grocery store. Having quick, easy and tasty foods in our fridge and pantry can be a game changer and this all starts at the GROCERY STORE!

A Few Recent Fun Finds

This is the first of many FUN FIND Posts

So Much Great Food- So Little Time

Barilla Protein Plus Pasta and Banza Chickpea Pasta : I love both of these options because they ​​provide a powerful punch of both protein and fiber! My 4 boys did not blink an eye when I switched to Barilla Protein Plus Pasta and as someone who cannot eat gluten, I absolutely love Banza because it is gluten free and also a good source of protein and fiber!

Detour Smart Bars: There are SOOOO many bars on the shelves of the grocery store! Some better than others in regard to both taste and nutrition. These little bars are a WIN WIN on both accounts! They fit my recommendation of providing more protein than sugar, 10 grams protein, 5 grams sugar and also are a pretty good source of fiber. They are a great pre/post workout snack and are delicious with a cup of tea mid afternoon or when you need a "little something sweet" after dinner. Not all grocery stores carry them but you can order them online via Amazon for a very good price (they also send you coupons)

Green Giant Riced Veggies: Have you tried these yet? If not, you must! There are several different options. Plain cauliflower, cauliflower and sweet potato and also broccoli. You can find them in the frozen vegetable section of the grocery store. They provide about 3-4 grams of fiber per cup and are a great way to increase your consumption of veggies. I add them to stir fries, casseroles and have started mixing them 1/2 and 1/2 with brown rice in many recipes. Mr Forever has no idea that I have been adding them to his morning smoothie! I recommend purchasing the sauce free options as they do not contain added sodium. Check the ingredients before you put them in your cart.

Happy Shopping Gang! Noreen

PS - I LOVE grocery shopping with clients! Be sure to check out the SERVICES page on the website if you would like to go shopping with me and get some help carving out a personal grocery list for you and your family!

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