My Field Trip to Trader Joes

​I am lucky enough to have a Trader Joes grocery store relatively close by and try to shop there at least twice a month. What has really helped me has been to formulate a list of foods that I buy on a regular basis. This way, I don’t get home to find out I have forgotten something. The location is just far enough away to hinder a trip back and to get the forgotten item and thus we have to wait a few weeks to have it in stock at the house again. My boys have favorite items and they usually let me know if we are running low.

I mention these items with my private clients and many have asked me to pull together a list of items that I buy at TJ’s to make their first shopping experience a smooth one. Last week I ventured out to the store with notebook and pen and really perused the aisles in order to create a list that I feel will be helpful to all of you.

Remember, I have 4 “real” boys, that have “real” appetites and if you see an item that you may not categorize as “healthy” remember, this is the FOREVER DIET and it is all about balance and moderation.

That being said, I feel a bit better about some of the snack items that the boys like from TJ’s as they are not loaded with chemicals and HCFS (high fructose corn syrup). If you are watching your weight, remember, just because a food label reads Healthy, Lite or All Natural Ingredients, does not mean it is something you can eat all day, every day!

Lastly, I have not listed the obvious, every day items we all purchase on a weekly basis: fruits, veggies, dairy, meat etc… I tried to put the focus on items that I can only get at TJ’s or that I prefer their brand.


Brown Rice Tortillas,

100% Whole Grain Fiber Bread,

Wheat free toaster waffles

TJ’s carries a wide variety of hot and cold cereals that we buy on a regular basis, make sure to look for your favorite. Watch out for the sugar content of some of the “natural” brands, although they may not have HFCS, they may still be high in sugar.

Ready to eat, whole wheat pizza dough and ready to eat garlic and herb pizza dough (in fridge section of produce area)

Whole grain Hard pretzels

Organic brown rice (freezer section)