FOOD PREP TIPS To Get Dinner On The Table FAST

One of the most common questions I get from clients is "How can I get a healthy dinner on the table when we have a million activities in the late afternoon and evening?" Sports, lessons, Dr appointments, work..... the list goes on an on. Yet one thing remains constant - OUR FAMILY NEEDS TO EAT DINNER! I have pulled together several quick and easy tips to help relieve dinner stress and actually let you sit down and enjoy your family at dinner time. FOOD PREP is not just an under-rated healthy living tool, in my family it is a SURVIVAL TOOL! KEEP IT SIMPLE - Although social media is a wonderful way to find quick and delicious recipes, it can also be OVERWHELMING if you start comparing yoursel

Serious Comfort Food For a COLD New Hampshire Day - LENTIL STEW

It is COLD here in New Hampshire, I mean REALLY cold.... And today, we woke up to a blizzard. Winter in New England..... With all this cold weather, many of us find ourselves craving warm and filling comfort foods. If one of you goals in 2018 is to incorporate more PLANT BASED PROTEIN into your diet, I have just the recipe for you. LENTIL STEW Incorporating lentils into your diet can be an easy first step to getting more plant based protein into your meals because they have a very similar texture to ground meat. Especially when paired with mushrooms, as I did in this recipe. DID YOU KNOW.... 1 CUP LENTILS 18 grams protein 15 grams fiber 6.6 mg iron (37% of the DV) Lentils also have the s